After having a breakout moment at the beginning of 2019 with the release of U.F.O.F., Big Thief built on that success with their second album of the year, TWO HANDS. I recently wrote a review of TWO HANDS for the Los Angeles based culture magazine Merry-Go-Round Magazine. You can read my full review on the album here.

Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Big Thief perform much of their latest album live. They opened with the old favorite “Mythological Beauty,” and then moved right into “Forgotten Eyes” and the enigmatic “Not.” I love the setup for their love performances, as Lenker doesn’t stand front and center as a typical lead singer might. They all play in almost a straight line, each member as important as the one next to them. I strongly believe you couldn’t remove one member and have even close to a similar results. Big Thief is a pack, and like the werewolves in TWILIGHT, they seem to communicate via telepathy. Words cannot explain how amazing Big Thief is live. If they come to your city, it’s a can’t miss show.

A little bit of “Not”

Big Thief, from the left: Buck Meek, James Krivchenia, Max Oleartchik, Adrianne Lenker
Singer and guitarist Adrianne Lenker
Guitarist Buck Meek and drummer James Krivchenia

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